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Drag racing from the past

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Super Shops Racing under new ownership

Super Shops Racing under new ownership

Super Shops Racing, Inc. announces the launch of our new website! The purpose of this website is to serve the nostalgia drag racing community and promote the appreciation of nostalgic drag racing, the sale and availability of new and reproduction apparel, memorabilia, garage ware, and pertinent information.

It is also a place for thousands of ex-employees of more than 38 years of the original Super Shops, Inc. nationwide chain to come together and reconnect and share memorabilia, old war stories and fond recollections. We invite your photos, input and stories in our submit memorabilia section


  1. Interesting, I look foreword to seeing new Posts and hearing from long ago friends…

  2. Its nice to see Super Shops open again, I live in Oklahoma City, ok. I worked for Super Shops back in the 90s tell they shut there doors in 98, it was a shock to us, I went from there to Oreilly auto parts, be nice if someone here would open a Super Shops back up here, I might even have my shirt from back then…

  3. Glad to see “SS” get the proper representation it deserves. It was a magic ride we all took, and we were even paid for it.
    It will be interesting to see where this goes.
    Step up, Boys!
    Robbie Redner

    • Is this the Robbie that ran the SS stores in colorado if so I worked for you but I do have some of favorite memories working for Super Shops. Miss those days. I now own Coast 2 Coast Musclecars and credit part of that to my time at Super Shops.

  4. I was happy to find this website and the fact that the Super Shops ex employees are involved. I worked In Los Angeles radio in the 80’s and called on John Barton for advertising. Does anyone know if John is still with us and where? He was such a wonderful man to work with.


  5. It nice to find the new website and see the Super Shops name alive. I worked at store 15 in Lakewood CO. I still have some old stuff from my store…. don’t know how I managed to keep it all these years.

  6. Awesome site. Was assistant manager of West LA store when it closed. Worked there from 1980-1983. Started under Robbie Lassner. Finnished with Marko Glush. Trained Kenny Lecock as our garage labor man, sad to here he has passed away, miss ya brother.

  7. Good to see the legacy being kept alive!

  8. Go !!! Super Shops

  9. Paul Klein!?! Corvette Paul? I worked in #034 Richardson while you were there in ’86

  10. John Barton was my contact at the Speed Ad Agency the in house agency for Super Shops. We worked together for many years I sold radio time to them on 98 KUPD inTempe Az. They were a great client. Does anyone know how John is today? Also worked closely with Suzie Reinhard his assistant wonder how she is doing.

  11. 2nd job I had I started out busting tires, Worked at the Flint Michigan location. Boy those days were fun, many after hours burn outs, one night had the fire department called on us, oops no one is supposed to know that.

  12. My name is Michael Brylowe and I used to work in store 010 in Sacramento. Had Jim Jackson as regional and Mel Miroth as manager with James Montague as am. Loved working there. I miss the comradery with the other guys. Met J.P. (Jim Patterson) and had a good repor with him. Loved the “spiff” contests. Please reopen the chain!!!

  13. Best job I have had period. I ran the store in Augusta Ga from 1992 to the end in 1998. What I learned from Gary Meink, Gary Forsythe, and all of the other guys we had in our region still sticks with me today. I still strive to be number one in any jobs I have done in the past 19 years. I enjoyed everyday I came to work. The interaction with the customers is probably the thing I miss most. It’s not everyday you get a change to deal with a customer that wants to be in your store rather than having to be there. I still get to talk to the guys I worked with back then and run into former customers all the time. It is nice to have someone come up to me and smile and say ‘Super Shops’ when they point to me. Seventy percent of the time I can remember their car and struggle with their names, perhaps that is 53 years old showing. I still have the 91 Mustang I bought when I became the manager of store 132. The even better thing is my son is now a performance nut and is putting together a 2001 Focus RS clone with a supercharger. Here is to all of you that had the best job we had. because everyone deserves performance.

  14. Lots of great memories working in the Colorado Springs store in the early 90s. I made life long friends from these days and I still use much of the Super shops teachings in my business Ventures today.
    Mark Tewsley
    Jim Hull
    Kenny King
    Wes Daubert

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