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Drag racing from the past

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Robbie Redner

Hey Race Fans! Robbie Redner here doing an electronic drive by shouting to say what up and hope all is well. I am now “resting” on 2 acres in Nor-Cal on the Russian River. Spent a week with Harry in Carmel this past August during car show madness week and had a ton of laughs and great memories from and about the Super Shop days. I have known Harry since 66′ and can say without question that what he and you all created was nothing less than a once in a lifetime moment, and the energy and “logic” you acquired made many of you the people you are today.
To those who I had the honor of working with in my day at “SS”, I hope this finds you well and happy.
To those that came after me–wasn’t it a kick in the ass?
May the Gods smile on you all.
Till the next round-
Rock like Fuck!
Robbie Redner