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    Super Shops was great fundamental and foundation training for all types of businesses. Please post here what you did while employed at Super Shops, what stores you worked, what years, and what you are doing now?



    Purchasing Manager @ Dr Horton Inc Denver division. Many of the skills i learned @ SS have help me in every aspect of my life. after SS (1990) i got into new home construction and have been in it since.


    Robbie Redner

    Hey Race Fans! Robbie Redner here doing an electronic drive by shouting to say what up and hope all is well. I am now “resting” on 2 acres in Nor-Cal on the Russian River. Spent a week with Harry in Carmel this past August during car show madness week and had a ton of laughs and great memories from and about the Super Shop days. I have known Harry since 66′ and can say without question that what he and you all created was nothing less than a once in a lifetime moment, and the energy and “logic” you acquired made many of you the people you are today.
    To those who I had the honor of working with in my day at “SS”, I hope this finds you well and happy.
    To those that came after me–wasn’t it a kick in the ass?
    May the Gods smile on you all.
    Till the next round-
    Rock like Fuck!
    Robbie Redner



    Wow it truly does seem like a lifetime ago. I truly miss you all across the board and hope that all have done well in the post Super Shops era. Life is ever changing and you never know where you will be when you end your run. I remember so many things like Kenny having a customer tell him he was gonna kick his butt and the guys wife is just all panicked because Kenny was huge. Man it is good to see that there is still a house for the crew of SSI.

    Tim Lanier.



    For me it was a lifetime ago. I worked in Englewood, CO (031 I think) and Marietta, GA (058 I think) for pretty much all of 86 & 87. I agree that there were some pretty good lessons learned from back in the day, and that I still incorporate them into things I do today. It was a pretty damn good time, and luckily, I still maintain contact with some of the gang.

    On another note, wasn’t there a SS forum a while back, or am I having a flashback? Seriously, I still have the registration info in my email archive. I remember there being a decent amount of activity.

    Best regards to everyone.
    Tom Battaglia (2969)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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